Business Analytics Salary Trends in India (Statistics)

December 16, 2017
Today, organization’s biggest asset is the ability to interpret data and make right decisions for a positive growth. In order to get this started, a company’s biggest need is to employ someone with this skillset, in-short, to employ a Business Analyst. View More

5 career opportunities after completing your Business Analytics Program

December 16, 2017
Companies today, focus more on understanding their critical business issues before venturing into something new. With a challenging economy, it is vital for organizations, big and small, to make decisions based on past data. Before venturing into a successful plan, yoView More

Professional Education and Training under USIEF

February 1, 2017

Virginia Tech will create a place where Researchers, Students and High Tech Science Professionals from India and the United States will collaborate and learn from each other. Together, they will create things that none of them could do alone.

Our Professional Education and Training progView More

Disease free water, a global health challenge, commands an international team effort

March 9, 2016

Vikesland, an expert in the optimization of drinking water disinfection practices, is the principal investigator for a new five-year $3.6 million Partnerships in International Research and Education (PIRE) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) that is aimed at mitigating this global thView More

Center for Advanced Research and Education

October 9, 2015

International engagement is becoming an imperative for higher education, given the pace of globalization and the flow of people and ideas across geographical borders. Virginia Tech's Strategic Plan 2012-18 calls for Virginia Tech (VT) to position itself to further develop a distinctive profile asView More